The Truth About Inductions

At our January Tulsa County BirthNetwork gathering, we had a panel of experts share with the public some very helpful information about inducing labor. We had a great turnout! 1609717_210634365809293_1127195146_n Local Certified Nurse Midwife, Linda Roberts shared about natural ways to encourage the onset of labor and how it is best to wait for labor to begin on its own if there is no medical need to induce. 1557554_210634649142598_1857533712_n Local Birth Doula, Sarah Coffin CD(DONA), shared about options during induction. Many women don’t know about their options in childbirth, including procedures they can refuse. She shared about all the comfort measures still available to moms even when they require medical induction, including freedom of movement and utilizing birth balls. 1609642_210634869142576_1547643547_n Regina Kizer RN is a labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital and shared about how we can support moms in labor when they are induced and also about women’s options in labor. 1526243_210634545809275_454735077_n Dr. Corey Babb, a local OBGYN shared very important reasons about the medical reasons women may need to induce labor, and how to know whether or not induction is necessary. He also talked about all the other ways labor can be induced besides artificial oxytocin (Pitocin). 1609783_210634522475944_579369564_n If you missed the meeting, be sure to CONTACT US if you would like any information or would like to contact any of our speakers!